Instructions for Teaching in FTX Room 147

Steps for Room 147:

  1. Start the podium like any other room- by selecting the language and starting the machine on the control panel.
  2. Log into the Zoom/Teams Client from the desktop with your University credentials (remember you will most likely need to authenticate in with your mobile device).
  3. Start the meeting, ensure that sound and video are working.
  4. Wear a lapel mic and start the lecture.
  5. After the lecture, sign off and shut down the system.

Please note the following:

  • The projector is an extension and not a duplicate of the monitor. Hence, you may need to drag the zoom client over. Think of it as a second monitor.
  • If you want to expand 147 to include 147B, 147A or both to essentially have all three rooms as one, then simply open the walls and the system will automatically expand. When this happens, only the control panel and podium in room 147 will work and the others will not. Once the walls close, each room becomes independent, and you can go back to using the podium in room 147 A and B.
  • Each room has omni-directional mics built-in.
  • If you have any issues, then please call x5900

Flash Discontinued, Brightspace Audio Files Impacted

Flash has discontinued their support of Adobe Flash. Many students have not been able to listen to audio files uploaded onto Brightspace. There are few ways to address this issue:

  1. Tell students to use the Chrome Browser and enable flash. Here is a link that will assist:
  2. Upload the audio files to Microsoft Streams or OneDrive and share those links on Brightspace (ensure on OneDrive, you make the file “View Only” and set an expiry on the link). Here is a link that will assist:

This is a temporary solution, please consult back on the Tech Fellows Portal for future posts on creating audio content.

Free Closed-Captioning on PowerPoint

Did you know that PowerPoint offers free subtitles on presentation mode? This is a great work-around if you want subtitles (English-English) or (French-French). Here is a link to an article by Microsoft which will guide you on how to enable this free feature. Click Here

The following YouTube video also demonstrates how to enable the closed captioning but please use the same language for “Spoken Language” and for “Subtitle Language” as the language translation is not accurate.

Make your own Zoom Background

Ever thought how you could custom make a Zoom background? Its really simple! Follow these steps to create a personalized background in minutes:

  1. Create a free Canva Account
  2. Once logged in go to the Free Zoom Virtual Background Maker
  3. Follow the steps to upload your image, add headings and different elements
  4. Once satisfied with the image, download the background as a “PNG” file type
  5. Upload it onto Zoom and show off your new virtual background

For UOttawa’s Faculty of Law Members, you can access high quality virtual backgrounds here

Microsoft Teams Launches Breakout Rooms

Microsoft Teams now has the popular breakout room features. The meeting organizer can create up to 50 breakout rooms which can be assigned automatically or manually. Participants can join these rooms via the web browser, desktop app or mobile app. Link to full article here Microsoft Teams: Now Zoom-like breakout rooms arrive alongside Together mode for web – TechRepublic

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